15 Minutes for a Quickie call

Let's be snappy!

A Short or Introductory Conversation (30min)

I'm looking forward to our conversation. **Please Note** If you are scheduling for a Harrison Assessment Debrief, please select a :60 or or 1.5 hour conversation based on prior communication.

A HA Debrief or a Meaningful Hour for Deeper Conversation

Let's meet on Zoom so if we want or need, we can share our screens. My Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/my/accountabilitypays.pamelastambaugh

1.5 hr for Planning, Coaching as agreed

We have meaningful conversations to have, and time to have them! We'll meet on Zoom: https://zoom.us/my/accountabilitypays.pamelastambaugh

Deep Dive conversation for two hours!

It's good to have enough time to dive deeply! We'll meet on Zoom, where we can see one another, share screens if needed, manage it all! https://zoom.us/my/accountabilitypays.pamelastambaugh